How To Unclog A Clogged Toilet With Poop In It?

Clogged toilet with poop in it- the most irritating situation ever that you have to face and I am sure that the question, how to unclog a toilet with poop in it? has come to your mind for several times.

So, this time I am here with the guideline to solve the problem in an easier way.

We all want a comfortable toilet when we think of equipping our house as without having a comfortable toilet all the luxuries of the house go to the vein.

Clogged toilet, in case of clogged with poop, is the particular moment ever as well as you have the hurry to have a plunger to unclog it.

my clogged toilet with poop in it

It may take some time to unclog it. But if you wait until you have the plunger rather than cleaning it, the water level will rise and overflow will create a yucky situation in your toilet.

You should also be known for the reasons that work behind the clogging issue.

Low water flow, blocked trap of the toilet and blocked pipe leads to the clogged toilet as those causes stuck and create a blockage.

So as there is a problem, there are also remedies. In this content, you will learn all the amazing ideas to handle the clogged issue with simple and easily available materials.

Unclog Poop Toilet Without Plunger

This one is the simple technique to dissolve poop stuck in the toilet without a plunger. What you have to do is- just follow easy steps accordingly with some easily accessible materials.

What you need:

1. Boiled water
2. Detergent powder

Pour the warm water into the toilet bowl. While pouring, the water that is pouring shouldn’t be overflowed otherwise it may stick.

After that, Add detergent powder into it and leave it for few minutes. Then by checking, you will found that the risen water level has decreased.

Then, pour warmer boiled water into the bowl and wait for few minutes. The water level will run smoothly because hot boiled water softens the clogged material.

You may ask what the role of detergent powder is. Detergent powder breaks down the organic bonding of substances and thus the toilet becomes unclogged within few minutes.

You can also do it with dish soap lubricant. Let’s know that procedure about how to unclog a toilet with poop in it with dish soap.

Firstly you have to identify if the volcano is perfect for you or not. Sometimes it happens that extreme reaction causes overflow and create more issue.

In that case, you can choose the option of using a lubricant. Use enough amount of dish soap with boiled water and wait for a few minutes.

That will put the debris down and the toilet won’t remain clogged anymore.

Hanger to Unclog

Draining ware, that means hanger is also usable in case of removing the clog, instead of a plunger. 

Hanger means the cloth hanger that we usually use. But before using it just have a wire out of it. Don’t forget to wear waterproof gloves before starting work.

unclog a clogged toilet with poop in it using hanger

Use hanger wire that is coated with plastic, as wire material is harmful to the porcelain of your toilet.

Putting one end of the wire of the hanger in the toilet, move the hanger flexibly and try to remove the clog.

When it is unblocked, flush it several times for draining the water completely.

Unblock With Chemicals

Chemicals can break down the clog with their reaction. But the question is what kind of chemical? Household ingredients that are easily accessible are needed in this case.

Well, a homemade chemical is the perfect one for unclogging the toilet. You can make this one in your home mixing vinegar with baking soda. Firstly boil Water in a pot.

Then wait for five minutes until the hot water gets cold. After that, add a few ingredients.

Mix a quarter cup of vinegar and a quarter cup of baking soda and pour it into the toilet bowl immediately.

The bubbles will indicate that your technique is working- the toilet is on the way of unclogging. Wait for a while, then flush the toilet.

The quickly drained water will indicate the toilet is unblocked otherwise you have to repeat the whole procedure again.

Please be cautious while working on this procedure. A little changes in the amount of mixture can causes overflow as the mixture creates a bubbly reaction.

Unclog Using Shampoo

This one is an awesome idea as you do not have to keep yourself in touch with water and those yucky things also.

Pour hot boiled water and shampoo on the toilet bowl. Wait for few minutes till the water level decreases.

You can add more hot water because boiled warm water helps in cleaning the drainage pipe.

Hot water breaks down the clog material while shampoo softens the way to go water smoothly. If still it is unclogged inside, repeat the procedure thoroughly.

Bleach To Remove Clog

For this, we will use household material-bleach, we will use it not more than 2 to 3 cups. One more thing to think, we shouldn’t use bleach unless your toilet has a serious clog.

It also needs dishwasher soap for cleaning up the clog. Now, wait till the chemical has a reaction on the toilet bowl.

When you see the water in on the way of drainage, do flushing for a few times.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Before trying Any technique, check out the water level.
  • After having the procedure completed, give flush when you see the drainage of water is working.
  • Wearing gloves keeps you away from being dirty. Give time to stabilize the awkward condition.
  • Buying a plunger is a good option indeed. Because sometimes it happens that you have a guest in your home and you are ashamed of your clogged yucky situation.

So those are the amazing ideas to unclog the clogged toilet with a poop even without a plunger with your home materials.

Like you have a party on Sunday evening and find your toilet clogged, it is impossible to collect plunger instantly as all the shops are closed.

Basically, those are the urgent requirements if you don’t have the plunger. It’s better to have a plunger for unclogging without having any trouble.