Best Portable Camping Toilet Reviews In 2022

Portable camping toilets are commonly known as port-a-johns in American English and as Portaloos in UK. These are simple portable enclosed space which contains a chemical toilet in which disinfectant is filled in place of water in the toilet bowl. You can hire these toilets on rent.

Portable toilets are used mainly as temporary toilets for large congregation and construction locations as they are very convenient and durable. Most of the portable camping toilets have U-shaped seats and have black open front with a seat cover. They are made of lightweight molded plastic.

Best Portable Camping Toilet Review
Choose Your Right Portable Toilet for Camping

Types of Portable Camping Toilet

There are many types of portable camping toilet around you now a day. If you are a regular user of perfect portable toilets then you may familiar to these but if you are not a regular user or familiar to these then you may think of the one model self-contained piece which you see at festivals. Now let us see some types of best camping toilets:

  • Cold Wash Portable Camping Toilet

These portable toilets reviews are standard or common portable toilets which are may be used everyone at least once in their life. These toilets are commonly used at festivals or events and on construction spots. Its dimensions are:

  • Total Weight is 90 kg i.e. approx 200 lbs.
  • Total Width is 1166 mm
  • Total Depth is 1215 mm
  • Total height is 2316 mm
  • Door Height is 1975 mm
  • Door Width is 639 mm
  • Devastate Tank capacity is 265 litres
  • Large wash sink capacity is 37.5 litres


  • These have fully sealed tank in order to eliminate unpleasant smells
  • If you hire it for a long time then weekly cleaning & inspection is required
  • Fine ventilated inner with the clear roof which allows light filter via male & female units
  • The hand wash basin is there with water supply
  • Inner lock with the display for utmost privacy
  • Hot Wash Portable Camping Toilet

Hot wash portable camping toilets are almost similar in size & shapes of cold wash portable camping toilets. Just the difference between them is their name. This portable toilet can provide running warm water; it has a big clean sink for full front arm submersion. Hot wash portable camping toilets need some kind of electric supply either from a generator or from main connections (power supply). Its dimensions are:

  • Total weight is 110 kg i.e. approx 240 lbs
  • Total width is 1166 mm
  • Total height is 2316 mm

Every hot wash set needs a 240 volt & 16 amperes power supply and it is electrically tested before hand it over for use.


  • Direct 3 kiloWatt water heater is placed over the wash basin for hand washing
  • Recirculation of flush style tank is controlled by way of a hand pump
  • Full MCB/RCD protection is there for protection conforming to the modern IEE guidelines
  • 12-volt consideration light is their & acrylic mirror is also present.
  • Disabled Portable Camping Toilets

You may also hire disabled portable camping toilets on rent which is important for almost every event organizer out there because not giving the right toilet or bathroom facilities to your guests is the worst thing you can do.

Features of these toilets are almost the same as the features of mentioned toilets with an additional feature of ensuring ease of use for the tenant like nonslip floors, grab rails and a low-level toilet. Its dimensions are:

  • Total weight is 107 kg i.e. approx 250 lbs
  • Total width is 1575 mm
  • Total height is 2311 mm


  • Its cabinet is constructed of uneven polyethylene for many years of durable use.
  • It has a broad self-closing door
  • Its interior is designed for special requirements
  • It has a large waste & fresh water capacity
  • It meets Australian paradigms
  • It is designed flat-floor for no ramps for easy usage of the toilet
  • The clear roof gives bright inner
  • Its hand pump is easily operated
  • Hand grips on both sides & built-in corner grips compose moving easy & simple
  • Hand sanitizer is available
  • Mains Connected Portable Toilet

Mains connected portable camping toilets can be used if the main sewer connection is available. These should be very close to a normal or common toilet and are very ideal to use at construction spots. Its dimensions are:

  • Its length is 115 cm
  • Its breadth is 118 cm
  • Its height is 235 cm


  • It has fore arm wash basin for easy hand washing
  • Water shuts off automatically after 20 seconds
  • Internal light is water proof

So, these were the types of portable camping toilets, you can hire any of them according to your needs.

Advantages of Portable Camping Toilets

Portable camping toilets are significant to have in an array of states. At large events, these toilets are hired for the use of guests. Instead of this these can be used for years to give temporary toilet facility in public areas and construction spots.


There are a lot of advantages linked with the use of best portable camping toilets. Let us see some of the advantages:

  • These toilets are very convenient to hire. When you are busy to make plans for big occasions, just call and get the toilet on rent.
  • These are also specially designed for mobility disables to make them access these toilets. Portable toilets are made without ramps to make it easier for wheelchair to go inside.
  • Portable toilet allows you to sustain an amusing n; hygienic atmosphere for staff as well as guests.
  • It can be transported anywhere and can be placed in a group of places, it just requires a flat surface, nothing else.
  • If you want to hire the portable toilets, you are suggested as to which kind of portable toilet you want to hire for your event. For this, you just have to tell the needs.
  • Portable camping toilet is the most reasonable mode to accommodate employees and guests. These toilets are very cost effective as it is cheaper than paying fines by breaking laws by having restrooms in public spaces.
  • Overall, portable camping toilets are very convenient, versatile and reduce traffic congestion.

Is there any Benefit to Buy Portable Toilet?

The main benefit to owe a portable is that you can use the bathroom where there is no toilet around. Top Portable toilets are light in weight that means you can horde them in almost anywhere. By using these toilets, it’s being very easy to handle your waste. You can also pack all of the waste with the portable camping toilet & by this you will help the environment to keep it clean.

Most of the best portable camping toilets have a valve which is either incorporated or installed into the toilet design. This valve will help you to discharge the waste out of the toilet; all you have to do is just release the valve.

Maintenance of portable Toilets

It is necessary that portable camping toilets are precisely retained to prevent discharges of waste which are pollutant high including virus & bacteria.


The main objective of the maintenance of these toilets is to prevent discharges of waste to the environment i.e. grassy area, parking lots, streets etc.


Portable camping toilets have a large accepting capacity & it is necessary to check the waste level in the holding tank. Whenever the best portable toilet is near to reach its capacity level then call the licensed vendors who provide these toilets servicing.

These toilets must be examined for leaks on a regular basis & more regularly for high traffic events and occasions. It is also important to train employees for the maintenance of the toilet before start using them.